About Glen Lusby...

Originally from the Kansas City Missouri area Glen Lusby started his college education at the University of Northern Colorado and completed his schooling at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, where he received a B.A. in art history. It was during this time that Glen decided to pursue his interest in art and interior design.

Glen began his work in the interior design field with a firm in Kansas City. His initial duties required him to make trips to Chicago for selections and orders and after a short time Glen established an office for the firm in Chicago.

When Glen's business partner decided to focus her work in Kansas City, Glen chose to stay in Chicago and took a position with a design firm on the North Shore. He ultimately joined Greg Stratman Interiors at their LaSalle Street offices. When Stratman closed their doors in 1990 Glen became a licensed Interior Designer and went into business on his own.

Glen's personal design style leans toward Art Deco and 30's modernism. However, this never colors the work he does for his clients. Because of Glen's diverse education and, having the good fortune to work with seasoned professionals throughout his career, he understands how to put his personal taste aside and work to the particular desires of each individual client by using diverse styles of furniture, textiles, textures, and color.

Glen's goal with every client is to work with them; not for them. He feels this makes the design process go more smoothly and allows the client to have fun with the project. Glen understands it's important for the client to enjoy the working relationship and the time invested, because the finished product is going to be with them for a long time. This approach to the design process, along with Glen's technical skills, accounts for the longevity of many of his clients, some of whom he has worked with for over 20 years.

"Interior design is a process. And a collaboration. Because to you
it is more than a project it's your home. My job is to guide you
from the beginning ideas and concepts to the finished rooms, and
have you enjoy every step of the way."